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Re: xentools41 LDFLAGS Re: broken packages for 2012Q3

On 10/15/2012 12:58, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
That would not be true on DragonFly, it would run.  /usr/pkg/lib is
part of the ldconfig "hints" file default, so unless somebody
overrides that, rtld will eventually try /usr/pkg/lib after not
finding the libraries in the RPATH on DragonFly.

unless you set PREFIX to something else than /usr/pkg ...

True, but that scenario requires the user to build his own packages and then he would be responsible to update hints.

Don't get me wrong -- this behavior masked a few RPATH failures in packages that went undetected until PKG_DEVELOPER check improved. We don't want to fall back to /usr/pkg/lib, we want RPATH to be set right. I was just commenting on how a broken RPATH setting during the link wouldn't necessarily be detected by a package not working.

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