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Re: Why did devel/bison grow a dependency on xz?

David Brownlee writes:
- The GCC_REQD=3.4 does make it much more expensive on older NetBSD
- versions - out of curiosity does it fail to build or at runtime if you
- try to build it with the builtin compiler?

I wouldn't have objected to the GCC_REQD=3.4 if xz had successfully

But xz didn't successfully build using GCC_REQD=3.4, and trying to
bootstrap a GCC 4 was going to fail with an infinite loop, as GCC
4 wanted bison, which required xz to extract, which required GCC
4 to build.

I didn't try to build with the native compiler, assuming the
package wanted some feature of gcc 3.4 that was not available in
previous vesions.

I have just finished building with NetBSD 2.1/sparc's native gcc
(3.3.3), and xz appears to be functional.

Eric Schnoebelen      
                Remember: Dogs have owners, cats have staff

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