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Re: lintpkgsrc important changes RFC (Was: lintpkgsrc 'Out of memory!' error)

On Mon, Sep 03, 2012 at 08:10:30AM +0100, David Brownlee wrote:
 > > rewrite it not in perl? :(
 > The problem with lintpkgsrc is that it tries to speed up the Makefile
 > processing by implementing (just enough of) a Makefile parser in perl.
 > Unfortunately as the usage of Makefile constructs gets more
 > sophisticated in pkgsrc this is probably a doomed arms race.

Not necessarily, although Perl's not the language I'd choose.

 > At this point I would suggest:
 > - "Installed package options" (-i -u) should die (they are better
 > covered by pkg_chk)
 > - The Makefile parsing should be ripped out and lintpkgsrc should just
 > call 'make' to extract values. It will be slow, but it will at least
 > be right, and the speed of pkgsrc Makefile parsing is an issue which
 > really needs to be addressed separately.

In principle I agree, but in practice... this is way too slow.

To get an idea of just how bad it would be, try doing "make
show-downlevel" from the top of pkgsrc.

 > I actually quite like the idea of lintpkgsrc focussing towards some
 > form of per pkgsrc package cache recording package PKGNAME and other
 > relevant information, making the first run expensive but helping later
 > runs (some simple invalidation rules possibly based on newer files in
 > pkgsrc tree or mk.conf)

This is a good idea, but it should be something sold separately that
lintpkgsrc uses, not built into lintpkgsrc, so it can be used by other
tools as well.

David A. Holland

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