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lintpkgsrc fails at identifying all old/obsolete prebuilt packages.

This command: lintpkgsrc -pr -K /mech/bulk

It identified and deleted some, but not nearly all, obsolete packages.

Some examples:
Transmission and Transmission-gui ver 2.42nb3, 2.60, 2.61
ap13-php53 and ap13-php54 ver 5.3.12, 5.3.13, 5.3.14
ap2-php53 and ap2-php54 ver 5.3.12, 5.3.13, 5.3.14
postgresql91-pgbench ver 9.1.4, 9.1.5
postgresql91-postgis ver 1.5.3nb1 1.5.3nb3

After quickly glancing through, other than Transmission* all the obsolete packages I see are multiversion packages. I think lintpkgsrc is not handling multiversion correctly.


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