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Re: Boost is annoying

On 8/31/2012 01:07, Greg Troxel wrote:

   It seems that everytime Boost is updated, packages break, perhaps at a
   rate faster than they get fixed (e.g. games/flightgear remains broken)

What's the fundamental issue?

I'm not an expert on boost, I'm just reporting observations.

Is upstream just unstable?

It appears to me that it's not backwards compatible with earlier versions of itself. Prototype changes.

Have you filed a bug with upstream that their update practices cause trouble?

No, I have not.

Or is it something else?  Why is this happening with boost and not with
other libraries?  (I'm really asking; I don't understand.)

My guess is that backwards compatibility is not a priority. Other library developers probably care more about it than boost developers do. No idea, but from observation this particularly library is obnoxious. I don't use it myself other than pkgsrc.


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