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Re: Impact of updating to tcl/tk 8.5.12, tcl-expect 5.45 with 7 proposed patch sets

> Here are the packages that suffered regressions from the upgrades:
> lang/tcl-tclX v8.3.5 (no maintainer)
>    Incompatibility with tcl85.
>    Upgrade to v8.4.0 available (2005-11-25)
>    Project seems dead, no activity in 7 years.
>    Recommend to remove it, not worth fixing.

I'm using this...

> net/tcl-scotty v2.1.11 (no maintainer)
>    Can't find -libtcl85, easy fix surely
>    Homepage dead, so no new versions available (??)

The project is dead (no more updates for v2, there is an
incompatible v3), but the program is still useful, and I'm using

> x11/tk-Tix v8.2.0 (maintainer: he)
>    Incompatibility with tcl85.
>    Version 8.2.0 is the latest version!
>    May be fixable, ask upstream?

I'm using this as well.

Admittedly, for tcl-tclX and tk-Tix I'm barely scratching the
surface, and it's conceivable that my usage could be converted.
I'll need to take a closer look at this.

Looks like I've gotten work cut out for me if you upgrade tcl/tk
to 8.5.12.


- Håvard

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