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Re: Documentation on clang as PKGSRC_COMPILER?

> PKGSRC_COMPILER=       clang
> CLANGBASE=             /usr
I find I have

ABI=              64
CLANGBASE=      /usr
.if !empty(PKGSRC_COMPILER:Mclang)
CFLAGS+=        -Qunused-arguments
#CC=    clang -Qunused-arguments
CXX=    g++

in my mk.conf.

I remember that without the CC=, it would still use gcc, without the CFLAGS+=, 
some packages would not configure (because the unused-arguments warning was 
misinterpreted as an error) and without the ABI=, libtool would get confused 
or I would somehoe end up with libraries built 64 bits and programs 32 (or 
the other way round, or something similar, I don't remember).

Has something been fixed in that area obsoleting my additional settings?

> (if you've installed clang with NetBSD)
I was actually thinking of OS X.

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