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Re: u_intX_t vs. uintX_t

On Sat, 30 Jun 2012, Greg Troxel wrote:

> So a program is broken unless:
>   it uses uintX_t, and
>   include stdint.h
> Is that what you mean?   This seems  to be in the category of "common
> upstream bug"

No, if it's using u_intX_t and including sys/types.h thats ok (I can't
find any reference to them being part of any standard but they are common.
i.e. Linux/NetBSD/FreeBSD).

If a pkgsrc developer decides to change u_intX_t to uintX_t so that the
program build on a OS that doesn't have them the they must make sure that
stdint.h is included to C99 compliant.

> - are you proposing to have some accomodation in pkgsrc?

No, just for pkgsrc developers to be careful.

> I'm guessing that this bug is common in linuxy programs...
No because u_intX_t has  been available on both Linux, NetBSD and FreeBSD
(possibly others) since the late 90's.


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