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Re: package failures for 2012Q2

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 12:44:08AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
 > This information is a couple days out of date, but I'll update it as
 > needed over the weekend.

Update below.


Mysteriously fixed itself:
   graphics/opencv      (on -5)

Should be fixed when the next build comes through:
   benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite       (in distbb)
   www/davical                          (in distbb)

Abandoned the failing version:

Newly broken:
   devel/kyua-cli       (on -5) C++ issues
   emulators/aranym     With mpfr enabled, it fails trying to use it.
   games/wesnoth        Tries to mkdir using "".
   mail/courier-mta     extra file (svn.html) installed
   multimedia/php-ming  php54 fails; probably just doesn't support php54
   math/arpack          corrupt .a file created during build
   misc/epm             link failure on own (?) symbols
   multimedia/gmplayer  (on -5) patches don't apply (fixed already?)
   security/zkt         cannot find bind (no depends for it)
   textproc/php-intl    tries to use pbulk user homedir, not clear why

   devel/mico           asserts: probably b/c hostname does not resolve
   graphics/f-spot      No package 'flickrnet' found
   shells/static-ast-ksh cannot find own executable at install time
   www/pound            openssl problems (LHASH); update available

I cannot reproduce the arpack, epm, zkt, or php-intl failures (which
appeared in Joerg's last build) in my test build environment. For zkt
and possibly php-intl, this is more or less expected. For the other
two, no clue yet.

There are also fifteen packages newly broken on -5 that no longer
configure successfully against native X. However, as they're all
themselves X packages, this is of no great importance except as noise
in the build reports.

10 fixed, 10 newly broken

David A. Holland

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