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Re: print/pdflib-lite language bindings

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

> I found that print/pdflib-lite failed to build on my Mac OS X system
> because it tried to build Java bindings.
> The following patch seems to cure the problem, but it may be more useful
> to actually enable the variuos languge bindings based on build options.
> However, my bl3-foo is severely limited.

Thanks, committed.  Always better to be correct now and eventually
spiffier rather than deferring correctness in the hope of later

I don't know about java, but the rest (as options) probably need lines
to pull in languages that can be copied from other packages.  For python
read /usr/pkgsrc/lang/python/*.mk, especially the comments.
But I think we're  a little weak on packages  that have a normal build
and a module, as opposed to a package that exactly builds an egg.

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