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Re: LICENSE file invalid characters?

On Oct 24, 12:21pm, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
} I am having problems installing p5-HTML-Tree:
} |deimos# pkg_add p5-HTML-Tree
} |pkg_add: Invalid character in license name at position 22
} |pkg_add: Invalid LICENSE for package `p5-HTML-Tree-4.2'
} |pkg_add: 1 package addition failed
} |deimos# pkg_info | grep pkg
} |pkg_install-20110805 Package management and administration tools for pkgsrc

     Current version is 20120221.  You should probably update it.

} |deimos# echo $PKG_PATH
} |

     Why are you using an old unmaintained branch?  The current stable
branch is 2012Q1 and given that they come out quarterly, 2012Q2 is due
in approximately one month.

} |deimos# uname -a
} |NetBSD 5.1.2 NetBSD 5.1.2 (DEIMOS) #3: Fri Apr 13 
23:18:15 UTC 2012  root@mawrth:/usr/obj/sys/arch/i386/compile/DEIMOS i386
} Pulling the file down manually I find:
} |deimos[/var/tmp] 821v>: wget -q $PKG_PATH/p5-HTML-Tree-4.2.tgz
} |deimos[/var/tmp] 822v>: mkdir p5-HTML-Tree-4.2
} |deimos[/var/tmp] 823v>: tar -zxf p5-HTML-Tree-4.2.tgz -C p5-HTML-Tree-4.2
} |deimos[/var/tmp] 824v>: grep -i license p5-HTML-Tree-4.2/+BUILD_INFO
} |LICENSE=gnu-gpl-v2 OR artistic

     Doesn't appear to be anything wrong here.

}-- End of excerpt from Malcolm Herbert

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