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Multi-architecture package support


For anyone interested, I have an initial implementation of
multi-architecture packages.  This is something we need at Joyent to
avoid having to provide package sets for both 32bit and 64bit, and I
figured it might be useful for other Solaris users too.

Ultimately it'd be great to have this merged into pkgsrc, however it
does require modifications to any package for which multi-architecture
support is desired.  Thus I'd appreciate any feedback on whether there
is any demand for this feature, or less intrusive ways of implementing
it.  One thought is that it may potentially be useful on OSX to
provide fat binaries (32+64 x86, rather than x86+ppc), and it should
be relatively straight-forward to add such functionality.

The commit and a description is here:


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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