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Re: package repo sanity checking

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 12:26 AM, Jeremy C. Reed <> 
In general I support your idea but have a few comments.

> missing-important-packages.txt
>  lists some NetBSD packages that maybe should be there;

Things like mplayer are absent due to their NO_BIN_ON_FTP flag.
I think the problem here is that we limit the "distribution* of the binary
instead of limiting its *usage* (only by US citizens?).
Personally, I don't care about MPEG-LA. Other open source systems
distribute mplayer/vlc/multimedia software.

>  initially based  on doc/STATUS (which is very out of date).

Do we really need this file?

> I also noticed the repo has multiple versions of same packages available
> so even the pkg_summary files reflect this... From a
> quick look I couldn't find any email threads about it. As a workaround,
> pkgin may look at PKGPATH and make the user choose. An example of
> duplicates is:
> /ftp/pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/i386/5.0.2_2012Q1/All/typo3-4.5.14.tgz
> /ftp/pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/i386/5.0.2_2012Q1/All/typo3-4.5.15.tgz
> /ftp/pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/i386/5.0.2_2012Q1/All/typo3-4.6.7.tgz
> /ftp/pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/i386/5.0.2_2012Q1/All/typo3-4.6.8.tgz

It's probably too late to care about PKGPATH which became a part of package *id*
ages ago. I tend to think that it is more feature than bug.

amule (from 1 PKGPATHs)
 amule-2.2.6nb8 net/amule
 amule-2.2.6nb9 net/amule

I don't know about pkgin, but "nih install amule" automatically selects
the highest available version of the package for installation, i.e. 2.2.6nb9.
Also, you can manually select another version, i.e, "nih install
So, I don't see problems here. pkg_summary is correct.

emacs (from 5 PKGPATHs)
 emacs-20.7nb14 editors/emacs20
 emacs-21.4anb22 editors/emacs21
 emacs-22.3nb17 editors/emacs22
 emacs-23.4nb1 editors/emacs
 emacs- editors/emacs-snapshot

I don't know how pkgin works here, but nih identifies packages using
That is, if emacs is not installed yet, "nih install emacs" installs
the highest available version (24.0.94) . On the other hand, if
emacs-22, for example, was already installed
from editors/emacs22, other emacses will never be candidates for installation.
Manual upgrade is possible: "nih install emacs- editors/emacs23".
This this replace emacs with editors/emacs23. That is PKGPATH of
installed packages will never change
automatically. This is a feature. Uploaded pkg_summary are correct.

3) Differences in FILE_NAME and PKG_OPTIONS are also possible even
if packages have the same PKGNAME.

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