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Re: Mesa status ?

2012/5/21 iMil <>:
> Hi,
> While setting up various NetBSD workstations I realized that Mesa status
> is a bit... confusing.
> wip/Mesa is split up in many sub-packages, is this something we want? Is
> anybody still working on this? Last update was 2 years ago.

I updated wip/mesa to 7.8 because, at this time, my radeon r600 card
wasn't working with neither graphics/Mesa, neither xsrc's one.
Nowadays, mesa drivers provided by NetBSD xsrc are working flawlessly
for me.
I tried to update wip/mesa to 8.*. However, with this version, r600
and r300 radon cards are no longer supported without gallium3d. And I
was too lazy to try these gallium drivers (according my failing
memory, r300g needed LLVM...).
I created different packages in wip just according my tastes. No
technical reasons behind this (but I was inspired by FreeBSD libGL and
dri ports).
I m eager to try Francois Tigeot s version !

Pierre Allegraud

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