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Re: textproc/expat on netbsd-6 on Amiga

John Klos wrote:

> Hmmm... Any clues?
> checking whether c++ accepts -g... no
> [...]

Does not accept "-g"? That's irritating.

> configure: error: C++ preprocessor "cpp" fails sanity check
> See `config.log' for more details

Is this failure a result of runing out of memory, which you found in the

> There are plenty of warnings like:
> PKGSRC-WARNING: Something is trying to run the c++ compiler,
> PKGSRC-WARNING: but it is not added to USE_LANGUAGES in the package
> Makefile.

You're probably talking about pkgsrc2012Q1?

I see exactly the same problems on a NetBSD/i386 system. They don't really

> But the real problem appears to be here, even while unlimited on a
> machine with 256 megs:
> ...
> configure:11828: result: no
> configure:11869: checking how to run the C++ preprocessor
> configure:11935: result: cpp
> configure:11955: cpp  conftest.cpp
> cpp: error trying to exec '/usr/libexec/cc1plus': execv: Cannot
> allocate memory configure:11955: $? = 1
> configure: failed program was:
> | /* confdefs.h */
> ...
> I can send the whole config.log if anyone wants.

The source for the failed program would be enough. Maybe it can reproduce
the memory allocation problem.

I'm currently trying to build expat (and it's dependencies) on my A3000.
This might take a day or two... ;)

Frank Wille

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