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Re: make modular X11 the default on NetBSD

> If you want X, install the X sets.

A main problem could be that you don't know what you get with xserver 
(or other sets). A user can't easily know what drivers, versions or 
fixes are included.

Looking at xserver from past few years (i386):

02/02/2012 (5.1.x)
01/04/2012 (5.1.x)
11/07/2010 (5.1.x)
02/06/2010 (5.0.x)
07/30/2009 (5.0.x)
04/26/2009 (5.0.x)

These date stamps may not mean anything. In fact, maybe some un-related 
X critical fixes warranted a new NetBSD release (so new tarballs for 
xserver were made).

In addition, we don't have any tool to check if new sets are available, 
retrieve them, extract, post-install checks and fixes and update 

While the pkgsrc modular-xorg-server is not upgraded much, we do have 
updates to some pkgsrc xf86-* drivers periodically. We can update the 
x11 packages probably much easier and release quicker and more often 
(four times a year for example).

I am willing to try using xsrc again though.

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