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Re: dependency of glib2 on libelf harmful

On Thu, 10 May 2012 18:26:20 +0900, Jörn Clausen 
<> wrote:

and the error in config.log was

configure:20915: gcc -o conftest -g0 -O2 -Wno-system-headers -isystem
/usr/pkgsrc/20120411/include -I/usr/pkgsrc/20120411/include   -L/usr/p
kgsrc/20120411/lib -R/usr/pkgsrc/20120411/lib -L/usr/pkgsrc/20120411/lib
   conftest.c -lssl -lcrypto -llber -lldap -lrt -lsocket  -lnsl -lssl
-lcrypto -lsocket -lnsl -ldl   >&5
ld: fatal: file /var/tmp//ccIujcJ4.o: unknown file type

Just a quick review,
configure of CURL convert -I in CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS to -isystem for some situation.
Should we also transform -isystem same as -I (convert args to ${BUILDLINK_DIR})?

OBATA Akio /

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