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Updating both Perl and Perl Modules from a binary repository

Suppose I have a machine where both perl 5.12 and p5-Foo and p5-Bar are 
installed and the installed version of p5-{Foo,Bar} depends on perl>=5.12 and 
Furthermore, suppose I have a binary repository with perl 5.14 and 
p5-{Foo,Bar}, which now depend on perl>=5.14 and perl<5.16.

Is there a way to call pkg_add such that both perl and p5-{Foo,Bar} get 
updated? The only workaround I found is to pkg_delete p5-*, then pkg_add perl 
and then pkg_add p5-Foo p5-Bar.

On a related note: Is there a simple way to update all installed packages from 
a binary repository leaving their AUTOMATIC status intact?

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