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DragonflyBSD openjdk7 port

Hello -

Firstly, please forgive the cross-posting - the goal being to
get any requisite parties 'on the same page'.

Essentially, I have fixed the openjdk7 build on DragonFlyBSD
for i386 / x86_64 after the great previous job of getting
this working had subsequently 'bit rotted', etc.

Details are outlined in :

  Re: pkg/46340: lang/openjdk7: DragonFlyBSD port

with further build / fix related details peppered on the
dragonflybsd users list cca 1/2012.

Basically, there are 2x issues:

1) Merging pkgsrc makefile changes
2) Handling distribution of the 'bootstrap binary'

or anything else the maintainer or pkgsrc maintainers
might see fit.

As outlined in the bug, the build setup is not really a 'clean
patch' - but instead a url to a snapshot working directory which
built this package on dragonfly - my thoughts being that work
for supporting the above 1&2 could render any patch obsolete,
hence the bug & this mailing.

So - with this being said, I look forward to assisting with
any 'grooming' needed to get this into shape & committed, and
would be happy to try and coordinate with others on the
'dragonfly side'  should anything be needed to support it


- Chris

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