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Re: annotated bulk failures, pre-2011Q4 edition (20111224 update)

On Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 05:46:55AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
 > On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 01:06:52PM +0000, David Holland wrote:
 >  > On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 04:22:53AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
 >  >  >  > Here is what's currently broken when building on NetBSD -current,
 >  >  >  > based on both Joerg's and my builds.
 >  >  > 
 >  >  > Update as of tonight:
 >  > 
 >  > as of this morning:
 > as of tonight, including newer builds from Joerg and Aleksey Cheusov:

and as of tonight:

   cad/boolean                  cross/h8300-hms-gcc
   databases/postgresql-postgis devel/frama-c
   devel/opencm                 devel/swt
   editors/emacs21{,-nox11}     games/exult
   graphics/hugin               graphics/xpaint
   inputmethod/iiimecf          math/blitz++
   math/ntl                     multimedia/gecko-mediaplayer
   net/djbdns                   parallel/openmpi
   print/cjk-lyx                sysutils/cdbkup
   wm/fvwm-themes               www/blur6ex

Marked unavailable/broken:
   emulators/palmosemulator     emulators/twin

Info updated:
   lang/objc                    net/citrix_ica

Unmasked and hopefully now fixable:


117 failures (106 excluding 5.1 issues):

audio/terminatorx       [5.1] error: ** DGA not installed or broken **
audio/xcdplayer         [5.1] conflicting types for time()
chat/centericq          bad libstdc++ version skew
converters/p5-MARC-Charset      (**) p5-gdbm is borked, PR 44985
databases/cstore        (**) throws exception during build
databases/ruby-activeldap       using multiple versions of ruby-activerecord
databases/sqlsharpgtk   mono issues (cf. f-spot, dcsharp)
devel/ArX               general build failure
devel/allegro           [5.1] failure to build dga plugin
devel/clisp-syscalls    unclear, needs lisp hacker
devel/electric-fence    (*) SIGSEGV during build
devel/guile-gnome       unclean cpp hackery
devel/mico              (*) internal assertion failure during build
devel/p5-Memoize        PLIST conflict with base perl
devel/p5-Tie-File       PLIST conflict with base perl
devel/p5-VCP            "not a HASH reference at .../XML/ line 322"
devel/py-gobject        [5.1] multiple versions of py-cairo (fixed?)
devel/valide            requires newer vala
devel/xsd               C++ issues (boost::filesystem::path) and/or PR 43691
editors/emacs22{,-nox11}        (*) SIGSEGV during build
editors/mule            temacs segfault (null pointer dereference)
editors/xemacs-current  SIGSEGV during build (PR 35500) (***)
emulators/mame          [5.1] no popcount()
emulators/xhomer        [5.1] missing dga headers
emulators/xm7           missing distfile
games/pokerth           boost issues (***)
games/powermanga        [5.1] cannot find dga libs
games/tyrquake          [5.1] cannot find dga headers
geography/qgis          unclear (internal problem?)
graphics/aqsis          needs (nontrivial) update
graphics/evas           [5.1] sse-related compile failure (fixed?)
graphics/f-spot         mono issues (cf. sqlsharpgtk, dcsharp)
graphics/libggi         [5.1] failure to build dga plugin
graphics/libvideogfx    [5.1] missing X11/extensions/shmproto.h
graphics/kipi-plugins-calendar-kde3     (*) trying to use kdegraphics4 (!?)
graphics/py-matplotlib-tk       exception during build (only with python27)
lang/cint               C++ issues + energizer-bunny-makefiles
lang/gcc3-java          sub-configure failure, unclear why (***)
lang/mercury            crashes during build
lang/objc               cannot parse stdlib.h
lang/ocamlduce          needs updating to match ocaml (***)
lang/polyml             unclear on whether it's doing i386 vs. amd64 (***)
mail/sympa              (*) broken user/group handling
math/R-geoR             depends need to be packaged
math/octave-forge       doesn't work with current octave
math/py-pytables        (*) internal python assertion (py25 only)
mbone/vic-devel         version skew against x264 encoder
misc/kdepim-runtime4    (**) SIGSEGV during configure
misc/kdepim4            (**) SIGSEGV during build
misc/koffice            kde lib version skew?
misc/root               apparently openssl
misc/window             bad pointer casts
multimedia/bsdav        (**) various files not installed
multimedia/gxine        (**) undefined references to own symbols
multimedia/libflashsupport-pulse        PLIST conflict with suse32-base
multimedia/mpeg4ip      needs -fno-strict-aliasing
multimedia/vlc08        doesn't like current ffmpeg (***)
multimedia/vls          some kind of codec version skew
net/arla                (**) kerberos issues
net/citrix_ica          may be fixed
net/dcsharp             mono issues (cf. sqlsharpgtk, f-spot)
net/delegate            C++ issues
net/hping3              bpf issues (cf. sniffit, p0f, prelude-pflogger)
net/ispman              unclear installation problems (***)
net/kdenetwork4         (**) SIGSEGV during build
net/mppe-lkm            requires kernel sources, fails messily (***)
net/nagios-imagepak-base        PLIST conflict with nagios-base
net/nasd                SIGSEGV during build
net/nocol               probably not MAKE_JOBS_SAFE
net/omniNotify          C++ issues
net/openafs             needs sysname; also, time_t issues (***)
net/openwbem            libstdc++ issues
net/powerdns-recursor   boost issues
net/py-omniORBpy        plist conflict with omniORB (for default python only)
net/sniffit             bpf issues (cf. hping3, p0f, prelude-pflogger)
net/ttt                 'BIOCGBLEN' undeclared
net/wu-ftpd             needs to learn about new quota APIs (*****)
net/xipdump             'BIOCIMMEDIATE' undeclared
news/nget               C++ issues
news/nn                 tries to use cpp on makefiles
parallel/sge            SIGSEGV during build (***)
pkgtools/pkg_select     legacy C code
print/LPRng-core        (**) work directory references
print/ruby-prawn        syntax error (ruby18 only)
print/tcl-pdflib        (**) libtool problem
print/tex-bagpipetex    can't read file it just wrote (!?)
security/p0f            bpf issues (cf. hping3, sniffit, prelude-pflogger)
security/pam-af         legacy C code
security/prelude-pflogger       bpf issues (cf. hping3, sniffit, p0f)
security/py-m2crypto    openssl problems
security/sfs            C++ issues (***)
sysutils/burn           objc issues
sysutils/grub           (**) "cannot run C compiled programs"
sysutils/p5-Sys-Filesystem      (*) "env: ./Build: No such file or directory"
sysutils/ruby-quota     needs to learn about new quota APIs (*****)
sysutils/setquota       needs to learn about new quota APIs (*****)
sysutils/sformat        probably doesn't support amd64
sysutils/strace         requires kernel sources, fails messily (***)
sysutils/wipe           'DIOCGPART' undeclared
sysutils/xenkernel{3,33}        "variably modified ... at file scope"
sysutils/xentools33             "variably modified ... at file scope"
textproc/p5-Text-BibTeX "Can't locate Config/AutoConf/"
wm/afterstep            lots of files not installed (***)
wm/obconf               cannot find 'obrender' and 'obparser'
www/amaya               C++ issues
www/ap-auth-mysql       general build failure (apache13 only, apxs-related)
www/ap-ssl              openssl problems
www/ap2-xslt2           trouble compiling yacc output
www/nvu                 C++ issues
www/pound               openssl problems (?)
www/ruby-actionpack3    trying to depend on multiple versions of ruby-i18n
www/sope                cannot find libxml2 even though buildlinked (***)
x11/grandr_applet       gnome issues
x11/openbsd-input-ws    doesn't work with current X server (***)
x11/py-gnome2-desktop   depends on multiple python versions (***)
x11/qt4-creator         "qdoc: error: Cannot open file '-creator'"
x11/ruby-wxruby         wants newer swig

(*) These appear in Joerg's last bulk build but I can't replicate the
failure in my environment.

(**) These appear in my environment but not in Joerg's builds, and
it's not clear why.

(***) These packages have been broken since at least July 2010,
according to a bulk failures mail I sent out then. Depressing, eh?

(****) [reserved]

(*****) It's not really worth doing anything about this until the new
libquota gets committed to NetBSD HEAD; this should happen before the
pkgsrc freeze is over.

David A. Holland

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