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Re: annotated bulk failures, pre-2011Q4 edition

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 04:22:53AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
> net/mcast-tools               illegal/legacy C code


> net/mldonkey-gui      cannot find -lnspr4 using ocaml (****)

Cannot reproduce, packages fine for me.

> net/pim6sd            legacy C code


> net/rabbitmq          (*) install of example config fails, not clear why

Cannot reproduce.

> net/yale-tftpd                (*) legacy C code


> pkgtools/gnome-packagekit     legacy C code


> security/dnssec-tools (*) "Could not locate dnssec-keygen."

Works for me.

> security/lsh          (*) extra stuff installed

Also works for me.

> security/pam-tacplus  installing into the wrong places


> wm/obconf             cannot find 'obrender' and 'obparser'

It wants obrender-3.0 and obparser-3.0.
Following a recent update, only obrender-3.5 is provided, obparser was removed.
No newer version exists, and overriding the configure checks makes the package
fail because of a missing header file.

> wm/waimea             C++ issues


> www/icedtea-web               cannot find zip (but it's in USE_TOOLS)

Fixed. (zip is not a tool.)

> (***) These packages have been broken since at least July 2010,
> according to a bulk failures mail I sent out then. Depressing, eh?

Actually, I'd just take this as a hint that we should seriously consider 
removing them :)

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