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Any ideas on strange omake signature?

Now that ocaml builds on DragonFly64, and consequently the prerequisite for 
omake is satisfied, I'm seeing something strange.
On the pkgsrc that my server really uses, omake builds just fine.  However, in 
the clean environment of Tinderbox, 
it can't resolve ltermcap symbols:

130     ocamlc -g -custom -o omake_gen_parse  unix.cma   omake_gen_parse.cmo
131     /work/devel/omake/work/.buildlink/lib/ocaml/libcamlrun.a(terminfo.o): 
In function `caml_terminfo_resume':
132     terminfo.c:(.text+0x27): undefined reference to `tputs'
133     /work/devel/omake/work/.buildlink/lib/ocaml/libcamlrun.a(terminfo.o): 
In function `caml_terminfo_standout':
134     terminfo.c:(.text+0x61): undefined reference to `tputs'
135     /work/devel/omake/work/.buildlink/lib/ocaml/libcamlrun.a(terminfo.o): 
In function `caml_terminfo_backup':
136     terminfo.c:(.text+0x96): undefined reference to `tputs'
137     /work/devel/omake/work/.buildlink/lib/ocaml/libcamlrun.a(terminfo.o): 
In function `caml_terminfo_setup':
138     terminfo.c:(.text+0x10a): undefined reference to `tgetent'
139     terminfo.c:(.text+0x11d): undefined reference to `tgetnum'
140     terminfo.c:(.text+0x132): undefined reference to `tgetstr'
141     terminfo.c:(.text+0x148): undefined reference to `tgetstr'
142     terminfo.c:(.text+0x15e): undefined reference to `tgetstr'
143     terminfo.c:(.text+0x174): undefined reference to `tgetstr'
144     terminfo.c:(.text+0x199): undefined reference to `tgetstr'
 more undefined references to `tgetstr' follow

Does anyone have an idea why it doesn't have this problem in the "real" pkgsrc? 
Looking at an old i386 bulk build, omake builds fine on bulk, so this is 
definitely tinderbox-specific.
Still, any insight will be welcome.  Maybe some dependency is getting satisfied 
by luck.


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