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gtk queries

I was just looking at upgrading pkgsrc gtk3 to 3.2.2, and looked at the
current patches.

It seems that patch-ab is no longer necessary, and patch-aj is easy to
understand - so far so good.

patch-af essentially applies to autoconf/lib/autoconf/libs.m4 as it patches
AC_PATH_XTRA. I think the plan is to make sure that X_LIBS contains
${COMPILER_RPATH_FLAG} rather than guessing -R.

Presumably if this is a problem, then it is always a problem and should
go into autoconf instead?

Something which bothers me is that "-R" is what libtool looks for (and
libtool knows what to turn -R into for the specific system).

Another thing about gtk: pkgsrc seems to worry about gtk immodules, but
what about modules?

I see:


Should modules be treated specially too, or should we stop treating
immodules specially?

Now for an easy one: why is USE_PKGLOCALEDIR necessary, and basically
should it always be set to yes if there is a .po file somewhere?



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