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OWN_DIRS doesn't protect directories as advertised

Take this real-life example:
1. Install php-5.2
2. Install php5-pgsql
3. Deinstall php5-pgsql

The directory /usr/pkg/lib/php/20040412, which was present after step 1
is missing after the completion of step 3.

I was told previously that "OWN_DIRS" is the mechanism to tells pkgsrc
not the delete directories that belong to another package.

Excerpt lang/php5/Makefile.common:
PHP_EXTENSION_DIR= lib/php/20040412

Excerpt lang/php5/Makefile:

This package was already configured with OWN_DIRS, and it didn't prevent
the removal of the directory in question after php5-pgsql's file
lib/php/20040412/ was removed during php5-pgsql deinstallation.

OWN_DIRS by itself doesn't seem to preserve these directories.  A brute
force method like touching a dummy file in that directory would work,
but it's not very elegant.

So to revisit this topic: Is there any way to prevent deinstalled
packages from deleting directories installed by other packages?

P.S. The pkgsrc handbook doesn't actually claim that OWN_DIRS will
protect the directories, it was mentioned on the mail lists.

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