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Mac OS X and pkg_create: group 1007 unknown

I have been using pkgsrc on this Mac OS X system since January.
Today I updated the pkgsrc tree.

When I try to build a package I get:

=> Creating binary package 
pkg_create: group 1007 unknown

I am doing this as a normal user. So 1007 is me and it is my gid. But 
1007 is not in the /etc/group file.

I tried manually added it, but no change.
I also tried:

dscl . -create /Groups/jreed PrimaryGroupdID 1007

But that didn't help.

But let's assume I don't have root. How can I bypass this check? pkgsrc 
was working fine for me before.

The pkg_create is version 20101212. I didn't try to upgrade it yet. If 
it needs an upgrade, I'd hope that pkgsrc would do that automatically.

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