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Re: pkg_install in base system again

On 06.11.2011 13:35, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
Some time ago Joerg proposed to remove pkg_install from base system and
switch to using pkg_install from pkgsrc just like all other systems do.
I agree with him and don't want to reproduce his arguments but I would
like to raise this question once again.
Additional application for pkg_setup could be simplifying pkgsrc
installation for non-NetBSD systems for those who prefer binary
updates. Now users need to download tens of megabytes of pkgsrc tree and
run bootstrap. In my view if someone uploads his/her binary packages and
pkg_summary(5), this is just enough others can use this repository by
running pkg_setup provided that pkg_setup has been uploaded as well.  If
our bulk build tools uploaded modified pkg_setup (having correct default
url to the repository) as well as pkg_summary and binaries this would
make using such repositories much easier.


Seconded; some of us discussed this briefly at the hackathon a few weeks ago in Paris, and this was the general agreement.

Some comments about your pkg_setup though:
- use PROGNAME="${0##*/}" instead of hardcoding "pkg_setup" in usage()
- prefer using HTTP over FTP. It does not support redirection, is cumbersome to use now that HTTP proxies are used everywhere, and has more chance of working "out of the box" through NATs.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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