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ruby versions, accepted and otherwise

So, amarok-kde3 requires ruby18. I fixed it a couple days ago to set
RUBY_VERSION_SUPPORTED=18, which from inspection of
appears to be the right thing to do. (For a few days prior to this it
had RUBY_VERSION_REQD=18 instead, which isn't the right thing and
doesn't work.)

However, it looks like you have to explicitly build the package with
RUBY_VERSION_DEFAULT=18; if you don't, it doesn't deduce that it needs
ruby18, tries ruby19, and bombs out.

As best as I recall this is not what the version logic for Python
does. Have I used the wrong setting (or done something else wrong), or
does the Ruby version handling need fleshing out still?

Also, for some reason setting RUBY_VERSION_REQD=18 causes pbulk to
build only with ruby19. I'm not sure if this is a separate bug in the
pbulk-index make rules, or an expected (if weird) consequence of using
the wrong setting.

Not that the Python logic is perfect either of course... (e.g. see PR

David A. Holland

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