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Re: suse brokenness?

> I'm trying to build checkperms in a chroot which was used for a bulk > build (pkgsrc-2011Q2 on macppc):
> ===> Install binary package of checkperms-1.11 pkg_add: > /var/db/pkg/suse_base-10.0nb5/+CONTENTS: No such file or directory

Check the directory for left-over junk and nuke it if so.

So /var/db/pkg/suse_base-10.0nb5/ contained only ldconfig.core, and in turn every package after suse was listed as broken in the bulk build.

I'm surprised that all it takes to break pkg tools is an errant directory in /var/db/pkg, but I guess I never really looked.

At least it's a fast machine so restarting isn't a big deal.


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