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Re: "make extract" and dependencies

On Monday, at 14:35, Marc Espie wrote:
| How do you extract stuff that's compressed in a funny way ?
| I see that your extract script has code for an amazing number of formats,
| some of them requiring quite a few dependencies to build (gem, for instance).

FWIW, in robotpkg I do have two kind of 'barriers': bootstrap-depends and
depends. This is of course directly/totally/fully inspired by pkgsrc but they
are IMHO more decoupled in practice. Targets like extract/patch only
require 'bootstrap-depends' (so you'd put 'gem' in this class of
dependencies). The main targets require '(full) depends'.

If the command line goals only require 'bootstrap' dependencies, then only that
is checked, so you can do 'make extract' without magic variables and without
installing the world beforehand ;)

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