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pkg_add -U on NFS broken?


I have some trouble with pkg_add -U on NFS. Is this a know issue or should I
investigate more?

The symptoms are (~ is on an NFS mount):
# rm -rf ~tmp && mkdir ~/tmp
# pkg_add -K ~/tmp/var/db/pkg -p ~/tmp 
# pkg_add -U -K ~/tmp/var/db/pkg -p ~/tmp 
pkg_delete: Couldn't remove package directory in 
Also, the dir var/db/pkg/digest-20080510.xxxxxxx is never cleaned.

The problem apparently is that pkg_delete finds some stalled NFS entries
(.nfs*) in the var/db/pkg/digest-20080510 dir, so it does not delete the
directory. Is this due to pkg_add not correctly closing file descriptors before
exec'ing pkg_delete? For instance, I really don't understand the logic in
check_already_installed() (add/perform.c:375) regarding the open() of +CONTENTS
which is almost never closed (and never used as well...). Shouldn't this be
closed before running pkg_delete?


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