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lang/perl5 woes

When doing a chrooted bulk build on a NetBSD-5.1/alpha box recently I
got an early failure in lang/perl5.  The complaint is a work-directory
reference in the installed file.  Sure enough, rm_try
has a references to the tools directory.  lang/perl5/Makefile has stuff
in there to fix this and what I see in the build log is that pkgsrc does
in fact fix up but then the perl build system for some
reason decides is out of date and it generates a new one.

Also during 'make install' I'm noting that

a) miniperl gets recompiled (maybe the new miniperl is what triggers the
rebuild of

b)  I get lots and lots of "Your Makefile has beeen rebuilt" "Please
rerun the make command." messages.  Basically one for each directory but
then the rest of the install seems ok.

c) 'make test' (after 'make' and 'make install') seems to be calling
miniperl and relinking most (all?) modules.

Some possibly important details

- /usr/pkgsrc inside my chroot is mounted r/w and is nullfs

- PKG_DEVELOPER is set to yes in /etc/mk.conf

- CHECK_FILES is set to yes in /etc/mk.conf (but maybe this is now
implied by PKG_DEVELOPER).

Is there some bad dependency information the perl build system?  Maybe
something goofy with timestamps in the filesystem?

I got past this by just manually removing the tools directory reference
in the installed file so I could continue but would like to figure out
what is really going on.


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