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Re: pkgtools/x11-links assumes installation of non-existent file (spelling issue on MacOS X?)

Am 22.05.2011 um 20:05 schrieb Tim Zingelman:

> On my 10.5.8 machine (without pkgsrc) there exists the symlink, and
> there exists Stipple but not stipple.

so it looks like Apple made that change when going from 10.4 to 10.5.
> FWIW, info from a couple othnon-pkgsrc systems...
> a Solaris 10 system has both Stipple & stipple in
> /usr/openwin/include/X11/bitmaps/ and they are NOT identical... both
> came as part of the SUNWxwplt package.
> a FreeBSD system I checked had both Stipple & stipple and again, they
> were NOT identical... stipple came from:
> and Stipple came from:
> are you on a case insensitive file system?  If so Stipple & stipple
> cannot co-exist in the same directory of course.

yes, MacOS is installed on a HFS+ filesystem, which should be default for MacOS 

> Hope this helps.

well, it does shed some light, but still things remain unclear to me.
It seems that starting with 10.5, MacOS no longer comes with 
/usr/X11R6/include/X11/bitmaps/stipple, which is what pkgsrc expects to symlink 
Do we need to adapt pkgtools/x11-links?

Georg Schwarz +49 170 8768585

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