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KDE 4.6.3

I've just committed my current packages for KDE 4.6.3 and 
associated packages to wip in case anyone wants to help get them 
into a state where they can be committed to pkgsrc proper.

Current state is they all build and install (on current/i386) 
except that the kdepim-runtime4-4.11.1 tarball unpacks with an 
error using the netbsd tar (gnu tar unpacks it)

while trying to unpack it the netbsd tar gives the error:
tar: Invalid header, starting valid header search.

Many programs would segfault when using the shared data cache (eg 
systemsettings).  I currently have a hack in kdelibs to get around 
this by replacing kdecore/util/kshareddatacache.cpp with the 
version from 4.5.5 but thats not ideal.

Now some (many?) applications don't closedown properly so logging 
out from kdm hangs.  One simple example is ksnapshot which will 
initially exit but once you've taken a snapshot exiting will hang 
waiting on something.

Also if you want to use anything with ssl certificates you will 
need to install mozilla-rootcerts and follow its instructions about 
creating a crt file in /etc/ssl/certs -- as KDE no longer provides 
a file of root certs that it references, but expects the system to 
provide it and looks for it (actually qt looks for it) in 

May be some other little glitches that I've forgotten but thats the 
guts of the issues at the moment.


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