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Re: possible png1.5 issue with qt4-libs

>> Not sure if this is a subtle png1.5 issue or something else as I have 
>> limited variants to compare.
>> Saving a PNG image from KSnapshot or Kolourpaint (kdegraphics4) 
>> currently gives an image with the colour channels shifted R->G->B and 
>> red at 255 everywhere.  I think both of these come back to 
>> QPNGImageWriter::writeImage() from qt4-libs 
>> src/gui/image/qpnghandler.cpp for the actual writing.
>> Its working correctly on a NetBSD system with png-1.4.5, 
>> qt4-libs-4.7.1nb1, and kde-4.5.4 but failing as above on linux and 
>> NetBSD systems with png-1.5.2, qt4-libs-4.7.2 and kde>=4.5.5
> We don't have any pkgsrc patches for qt4, I think?
> Thomas

From qt4's pixeltool, on Mac OS X, PNGs are saved correctly, while on 
NetBSD-amd64-current colours are shifted.
Stellarium, on the other hand, saves images with shifted colours on both Mac OS 
X and NetBSD.

Both systems run the latest qt4 and libpng from PkgSrc.

No, we don't have PNG-related patches for qt4.

Kind regards,

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