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GSoC accepted project announce: "Add kqueue support to GIO"


My name is Dmitry Matveev and this summer I will work for The NetBSD
Foundation in GSoC.

My project is "Add kqueue support to GIO". The main intention is to
bring a native file monitoring support to GIO. Currently it uses
inotify ``as is'', during the summer I will give it an abstration
layer and a kqueue back-end. Additionally an inotify-over-kqueue
compatibility library is planned, it will help to easily port and run
any software that uses inotify directly.

The subject is interesting and fun, and it promises a lot of research
of the kqueue and inotify implementations.

Thanks for choosing me for this project, I will do my best to deliver
the solution in time.

The project homepage is hosted at SourceForge:

Also I have started a separate blog to track my progress:

Best regards,
Dmitry Matveev

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