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RE: Making DESTDIR support mandatory

Aleksej Saushev writes:
> Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:
> > we are not at the point that only 127 packages in the main tree don't
> > support DESTDIR. I want to make it a required feature now and mark
> all
> > remaining packages explicitly as BROKEN after the branch.
> I think this is plain wrong. You can't replace some packages that don't
> support staged installation now, e.g. all older gcc, nagios packages,
> and ghc.
> Unfortunatly, they're used frequently enough. I wouldn't mind if it
> were
> only games and mostly unused software.

Joerg, where is this list of 127? Might be good for everyone to know exactly 
what we're talking about.

What happens if BROKEN? It isn't bulk-built, so there'll be no binary packages. 
Anybody building from source could still unset that if they really needed it. 
Doesn't sound too awful. The only time I can envision this being more than a 
nuisance is for less technical users using somewhat obscure/outdated software. 
I could be wrong.


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