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Re: pkgsrc/mk/tools/ vs. pkgsrc/archivers/gtar-base/Makefile

On 23.3.2011, at 14:10, Tim Zingelman wrote:

>> I think we should desupport the GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX variable instead.
>> If you use pkgsrc and have other tar implementations, just put
>> ${PREFIX}/bin before /usr/bin in your path...
> I'd be fine with that as well, since I set GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX to
> nothing... but currently the default is 'g' so we'd potentially be
> affecting a lot of folks by removing it.   (and of course I'd hate to
> see it go away and have the 'g' prefix forced upon me.)

I recently had to deal with this, when switching to prefix-less GNU tools (i.e. 
all GNU packages that pkgsrc holds). I ended up using pkg_alternatives to 
create the g-wrappers for backwards compatibility.


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