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Re: MirBSD patch for bmake (again)

On Mar 13,  6:45pm, (Benny Siegert) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: MirBSD patch for bmake (again)

| The default shell, mksh, which is used to execute the commands,
| interprets \x followed by two hex characters as the corresponding
| ASCII character. \x is used as an invalid escape sequence in one of
| the tests. This expands to a null byte in the output with mksh.
| It seems that the interpretation of escape sequences in echo is not
| portable, and that only printf gives a reproducible output
| interpretation. However, in the last discussion of this patch,
| concerns were voiced about the availability of printf on all platforms
| supported by pkgsrc, and about possible slowdowns. This is why I use
| printf only on MirBSD here, where it is known to be needed.
| --Benny.

Yes, I see.

Thanks for the explanation.


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