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Re: Fixing REQUIRES information

> Hi guys,

> I don't know if this is not a problem on NetBSD, but it is on SunOS
> platforms.
As far as I understand this problem can be seen on other platforms too
with libraries that are a part of "base systems",
e.g. libz, libopenssl, libedit and so on. 
The more software you have in /usr the more problems of this type
you'll have with PROVIDES/REQUIRES.

> When a binary package is assembled, pkgsrc (amongst other stuff) loops
> through the files using 'ldd' to record information about libraries
> required. This breaks when the shared lib linked against comes from
> the very package that the linking binary/lib belongs to (and there is
> no previous version installed), as ldd of course goes the extra mile
> to make sure it can find the lib.
One solution that comes to my mind is to remove such libraries from
REQUIRES field. If the package itself provides them, REQUIRES/PROVIDES
check will always be fine. Comparing basename of provided and required
libraries should be enough. Have a look at mk/flavor/pkg/

> AFAIK only pkgin uses now REQUIRES as a pre-installation check, but
> it's a helpful measure in general to check on a package's requirements
> (or 'health').
wip/pkgnih also uses REQUIRES/PROVIDES as an additional sanity check.
It also uses REQUIRES for finding correct dependencies if DEPENDS was
not updated properly by package maintainer (recent png issue and wip/
packages as an example).

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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