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Re: Make lang/tinyscheme compile under both Linux and NetBSD

On Sat, 19 Feb 2011, Silas Silva wrote:

> Recently, I discovered that lang/tinyscheme compiles fine under NetBSD,
> but not under Linux.  This is because patch-aa removes the necessary
> -ldl flag to link against dl library on Linux.  If I insert this, it
> breaks on NetBSD (because NetBSD doesn't have it out of libc, right?).
> So, as a workaround, I used NetBSD make preprocessor capabilities to
> check system name and take decisions on that.
> Please, see the attached patch.
> Use the system name to take decisions is not a very good approach, I
> know.  Is there a more intelligent way to check whether or not dl
> exists?  It would prevent some having to to add checks for other OSes as
> errors spring up on non-tested platforms.

Also see pkgsrc guide for "-ldl" and maybe try:
LIBS.Linux += -lldl

But I think you should use:
.include "../../mk/"

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