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Re: teTeX-bin dependency installs take over 12 hours

On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 05:00:44PM +0100, Dieter Baron wrote:
> hi,
> > I guess most of time is spent in "fetch" phase?
>   Nope, all the time is spent installing existing binary packages.  pbulk has 
> successfully built all dependencies and is now (since 22:42 yesterday 
> evening) installing them.  It takes 30-60 minutes per tex-hyphen-* package.

Hm... I've notice that too, but I only need much less than all packages.

The problem is rebuilding the ls-lR and a few others *each time*. The
time needed is proportional to at least the square of the number of
packages - depending on filesystem behaviour, could even be worse.

Combine that with splitting up into micro packages like the new
tex world order does, and there you are.

Somebody should make our *tex* packages *not* build ls-lR each
time, either delay it until the end of a build run, or instruct
the system administrator to run it manually later.

Only I never had time to do this.


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