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Re: UUID package for PostgreSQL

David Holland writes:
 > On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 05:27:12PM -0700, Brook Milligan wrote:
 >  > - Successful building of this depends on my recent change to
 >  >   postgresqlXX-client/Makefile to correct the definition of LD.  Does
 >  >   that mean that the revision for the -client packages should be
 >  >   bumped?
 > It should have been anyway if the installed files were changed...

So, the policy is that whenever _any_ installed file changes then bump
the revision?

In this case the installed file could not have worked correctly as it
defined LD=/usr/pkg/bin/ld.  Any package that depended on this file
would fail as soon as it tried to execute ${LD}.  My thought was that
bumping the revision would lead to unnecessary rebuilds, until some
package depends on actually using the value of ${LD}.

Perhaps that logic is not correct and the stricter logic should
prevail.  Is there any case when an installed file changes that the
revision should _not_ be bumped?

Thanks for the clarification.


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