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Missing distfiles for tex related packages

I'm currently unable to fetch correct distfiles for any of the
following packages, all of which seem to be TeX related.

I kind of suspect collateral damage caused by updates to
other packages, but I really have no idea - all I can tell
is that I am unable to fetch distfiles for any of the following,
they seem to not exist...


If the packages are intended to be broken, could they be marked
as broken, or if the distfiles should exist, but just don't,
could someone who knows how please install them (they mostly seem
intended to live on f.n.o rather than some other place - or that's
from where I successfully fetch others anyway).

In addition, this one ...


seems to have a typo somewhere, the Makefile wants to fetch
but the distinfo file refers to
(note the 2 vs 3 confusion in the DIST_SUBDIR name).
I have no idea which is the correct name.

And last, and just for completeness, as this one actually works,

the master site, and f.n.o contain different versions of the
same filename, the one on f.n.o is what pkgsrc (currently) expects,
it looks as if the master site has been upgraded to some newer version.

There's no great urgency about any of this, I don't use them - this is
just part of my "must have every distfile" policy check - but the missing
ones (at least) have been missing for a while now.


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