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BSD/OS support fix


I heard that it will be failed to bootstrap pkgsrc on BSD/OS.
Does anyone reproduce it?

1. missing "type" command in /bin/sh

In devel/bmake/files/boot-strap:

# make sure test below uses the same diff that configure did
TOOL_DIFF=`type diff | sed 's,^[^/][^/]*,,;q'`

If `type' command is missing, TOOL_DIFF will be set as empty.
It is referred from devel/bmake/files/unit-tests/,
and set as plain "diff" if not set.

Probably, stop to export TOOL_DIFF or skip unit-test if it is empty,
this issue will be resolved.

2. missing pread(2) and pwrite(2)

pread(2) and pwrite(2) is used in pkgtools/libnbcompat/files/db/*/*.c,
but configure just check that those are broken on HP-UX,
and internal pread.c/pwrite.c will be used if BROKEN_{PREAD,PWRITE}.

Probably, configure do AC_CHECK_FUNCS(pread pwrite) additionally
and treat same as BROKEN if those are not found,
this issue will be resolved.

OBATA Akio /

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