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Re: geography/gdal-lib

On Sun, Feb 06, 2011 at 03:23:17PM -0700, Brook Milligan wrote:
> I would like to update the geography/gdal-lib package to 1.8.0.  Here
> is a brief description of the changes (see


> Before I commit this, however, I have a couple of questions.  First,
> this version of gdal makes use of an internal TIFF function,
> TIFFUnsetField, that apparently does not exist in tiff v3.9.4, which
> is the latest stable release.  As a result, I have switched to using
> the internally supplied version of tiff rather than the one in pkgsrc.
> Comments?

This is fine until we have the next security problem in tiff :|
But I don't have a better solution.

But please add a comment into the Makefile itself describing why
"--with-libtiff=internal" is set and just comment out the tiff/

> Second, I will switch the patch file over to the new naming
> convention.  Is that desired or should the old convention be
> maintained for existing packages?

I think that's up to the maintainer. Usually, I keep the file names as
before, but if you want to switch over, that's fine as well (just make
the sure the patch is properly commented, then there'll be no reason
to go into CVS history to find out why it's there ;) ).

> Finally, I assume that BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS should be updated, but
> I'm not really certain about that.  I'm also not entirely certain
> about how, in general, to manage the BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS and
> BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS variables.  Help is welcome.

You nearly never bump API.
You bump ABI when a shlib major changed -- you'll have to look inside
the binary packages to find that out, the .la lines in the PLIST hide
it for libtoolized packages. In this case, you also have to increase
the PKGREVISION for all packages that include the See
pkgsrc/pkgtools/revbump for a tool that helps finding and bumping


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