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Too many missed binaries for 5.1-2010Q4/x86_64 on ftp://

I'm trying to update my system using binaries provided by ftp:// servers
and have found that some packages important to me are missed, for
example, devel/scmgit-base.

I thought about fixing broken packages required for it with a hope that
after next bulk build scmgit-base will reappear and I digged in
pkgsrc-bulk@ mailing list for that purpose. Unfortunately I could not
find anything about 5.1/2010q4 bulk builds at all.
also contains nothing appropriate.

And... pkg_summary.gz for 5.1/2010Q4/x86_64 contains only 6519
packages. This number is very small for this architecture.  For NetBSD
5.0 pkg_summary contains 9650 packages.

Who run 5.1/amd64 bulk builds and where can I see results of them?

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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