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Re: Distributed bulk building for slow machines

> Thank you. I wasn't familiar with distbb. It may just be everything I
> need.
Sample of its logs

 >>> 3) A method to use a fast machine to create a dependency tree which is
 >>> used after the priority package list is finished

 >> Here if you mean scanning pkgsrc tree for gathering informarion about
 >> packages, then this step is also parallized/distributed in distbb and
 >> doesn't allow fast machines at all.

> I'm not sure I understand how something can exclude fast machines...

The faster machines, the better. This is obvious. I meant that in distbb
both build of packages and scanning pkgsrc tree is
parallelized/distributed. So, you don't need fast machines with slow
architecture. Head/master computer can run any hardware_arch/OS/CPU and
is completely independent from slave/slow hosts. For example, I
always run Linux/CentOS bulk builds from Linux/Debian computer
and sometimes run Linux bulk builds from NetBSD master host.

 >> I don't see any problem is setuping this kind of bulk build at all.
 >> wip/distbb + rsync + ssh. So, yes, I can help to configure it.

> Thank you. I'd appreciate that.

The only thing you need to implement is to create new make target XXX
for syncing binaries between master and slave hosts add XXX to TARGETS
variable in config file. Alternatively caching sshfs/fuse may help.

> Aside from simh for VAX and ARAnyM or UAE for m68k, what is
> recommended for MIPS, StrongARM, and sh3 / sh4?
No idea.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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