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Re: buitlin ncurses and pkgsrc ncursesw

On Sun, Jan 02, 2011 at 11:28:53PM +0900, OBATA Akio wrote:
 > I feel that devel/ncursesw will not works with builtin ncurses.
 > Inclution of ncurses_dll.h and unctrl.h in ncurses.h to below ncurses/ with 
 > but builtin ncurses header is not in there (from check of 
 > ncurses/
 > Should the SUBST only for using with pkgsrc ncurses?
 > or should ncurses/ should create ncurses/ncurses.h and 
 > ncurses/unctrl.h?

Check what the configure script sets up and have the SUBST do the same
thing? That SUBST is just replicating what the package's own install
goo does because the pkgsrc logic bypasses that.

 > The SUBST came from PR#43435, but it is not required in pkgsrc
 > because ncurses/ have
 > BUILDLINK_INCLUDES.ncurses+= include/ncurses

It is required in that without it, things don't work. I don't remember
the exact symptoms but if you have tin on NetBSD with

   PKG_OPTIONS.tin=-curses ncursesw -inet6

tin doesn't configure with ncurses and as a result does random tin
things that result in users getting annoyed.

David A. Holland

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