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Re: x11/qt4-libs vs libtool

>> I ran into an error where the patch for src/gui/
>> (patch-ab) was missing the case for the ssse3 code
>> like the other cases.  Anyone else seeing this? Should
>> it be added?
> I haven't seen this, but perhaps it's compiler-dependent. What are you
> using?
> I think it should be fine to add it.
> Thomas

I have a fix for it.

I have changed Qt4 to compile on Mac OS X and work with Cocoa as the native 
environment. There is no difference for X11 users, except that now libphonon 
gets installed, so I had to bump the revision. Do you think I should commit the 
changes now, during the freeze, or just fix the problem described above and 
wait for the melt to commit the rest?

Cheers :)

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