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Re: clang support (was: [HEADS-UP] Freeze in Preparation for pkgsrc-2010Q4 Branch)

On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 12:25:34PM +0100, Adam wrote:
> > 5. Libtool tag
> > 
> > Several package's makefiles fail to pass a --tag value to libtool
> As long as CC and CXX variables don't change in mk.conf between building 
> libtool-base and a package, libtool can use a correct tag. So, in mk.conf, 
> either do not set CC and CXX, or set CC and CXX to a path to clang, then 
> build and install devel/libtool-base, then build a package, and libtool 
> should not complain.

The problem is that some packages decide to use gcc as frontend and
ignore ${CC}. In that case the tag list in libtool doesn't match the
given frontend and it bails out instead of second guessing the user.


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